Revenge of the Ruffle Dress

As you know, designers like to revive fashion trends. What they do, they will tweak the old design and launch it as a new version of the old design.

One example would be the ruffle dress. I am not a fan or this dress. I have a horrible picture in my head of what one would look like when one wears a ruffle dress. It initially complements you at the top showing of your curves but suddenly, your whole lower torso is lost in this heap of sheer puff of clothing that makes you look like you were dumped as a centerpiece in a cake. I found this article at the Fashion Police website of a woman wearing a ruffle dress. Que Horror!

So imagine my amazement when I see a new and improved design of the ruffle dress. First stop is the Fall 2009 Dolce and Gabbanna ruffle dress.

ruffle dress

The fabric is made of lace so the dress does not look big like what I am afraid of. It also has a nice accent belt on the waist to still show off your curves like the original design pattern. It seems having ruffles on to the entire dress seem to work better.

What I also noticed is that the ruffle design does not just stay waist down but is actually moving around the dress. Look at this Karen Millen one shoulder ruffle dress.

ruffle dress

The ruffle design of the dress started on its shoulder and cascaded down up to the end of the dress. It has that mischievous style depending on how the person will use it to her advantage. A side French braid, as a hairstyle will do for this dress to release the playful vibe for long hair and if you have short hair, you can either add a clip to the side or leave your hair as it is. What is important is that the ruffled one-shoulder is seen for spectators to see the fluidity of the dress.

The Resultly fashion and shopping website has a wide array of ruffle dresses to choose from. Another fashion tip, since the dress moves with your body, accessorizing it with an envelope bag or a jeweled clutch will be enough. Dainty or stud earrings can be used but not the dangling ones most especially if your dress is all ruffled up. It will distract people on where to actually look – your earrings or your dress because both of them do the ‘swish’ effect.

Only Sequins For The New Year

As much as I have always wanted to dress in a sparkly dress or skirt for the New Years I could never find the right one. I ended up choosing a little black dress, stockings, and spicing all that up with some sparkly jewelry. This New Year’s I want to finally be able to say that I’ve worn a sparkly dress. The other night when I was out at a bar with my girlfriends I As much as I have always wanted to dress in a sparkly dress or skirt for the New Years I could never find the right one. I ended up choosing a little black dress, stockings, and spicing all that up with some sparkly jewelry. This New Year’s I want to finally be able to say that I wore a sparkly dress. The other night when I was out at a bar with my girlfriends and I saw the most gorgeous sequin skirt.

Isn’t November a little early to take out the sparkly dresses and skirts, the way the skirt was paired made it perfect. The woman was wearing a beautiful gold gold sequin dress with a pair of pointy black heels made her shine in the bar. Immediately after seeing this beautiful dress I went straight on my browser to search for the dress when I got home. Nordstrom usually has a wide variety of products so that was the first website I browsed. I typed in gold sequin dress and gold sequin skirt and eventually came across the dress. Take a look at how cute and chic this dress is!

gold sequin dress

This French Connection dress is a perfect New Year’s or Holiday Party dress. Its very cute and girly with the flared out skirt. Its also loose enough where it would be appropriate for a Holiday Dinner with family. At first I wasn’t a fan of the all gold look, but I really think that it stands out.

As much as this dress grew on me I still wanted something a little sexier. I love the tight sequin look. Take a look at this cute sequin dress I also found on Nordstrom.

silver sequin dress

Good news for me, this dress is actually cheaper than the gold one. This dress is almost the polar of the gold dress. The first dress I shared with you is all gold, loose, and more appropriate for family functions. Whereas the dress on the bottom is all silver, a tight body-con fit, and evidently more appropriate for a night out… and perfect for New Years!!

As much as we all like the tight body-con dress, we may not want to squeeze into a skin tight dress after a large Christmas dinner. Alternatively to a tight fitting dress or a loose one, a skirt can always do the trick! One of my favorites for the Holidays are the gold sequin skirts. I just like the way the gold stands out as a skirt as opposed to a dress. For a dress I prefer the all silver look, but for a skirt the gold color fits better. Take a look at this cute skirt I found!

gold sequin skirt

As you can see this dress is just the right amount of tight. The slit adds a more sexy look, and if paired with a halter top or low-cut top it really adds to the seductiveness. Or you can make the skirt more conservative with a long sleeve top. On Resultly I had some more luck locating these skirts. Ultimately, if  you want a more versatile choice this Holiday Season you’ll never go wrong with a gold sequin skrit.

Sexy flats you can walk in

Walking has been part of our daily life, from our house, offices, malls, parks, restaurants, schools and many places. With this, of course we need comfortable shoes to walk in it thru out the day. There will always be many shoes to choose from and we can always grab any shoes. But we are looking for a pair that is comfortable to wear and durable and for some women like me I wanted to have a shoe that is comfortable, durable and stylish.

One Sunday, when my mom and I were strolling the mall we saw many shoe store having their sale, so why not buy myself a new pair, it has been a while. I actually had my eyes first on the black high-heeled shoe, it looked so sexy and sophisticated I wanted to wear them in the office, wearing it would definitely make me feel sexy and feel like I own the office floor. But of course I cannot wear them commuting and walking on my way to the office, it spells suicide!

There were also cute slip in sandals or tongs sandals, the ones that are like slippers that you just slip in your foot and you are ready to go, they are very comfortable to wear and very easy I can wear them on the beach or a lazy weekend coffee. But sometimes these kinds of sandals are sometimes not allowed on formal places.


I also spotted a ballet flat that looks like this from H&M, and I imagined that they would be perfect for me commuting, my foot will be protected, it’s comfortable to wear and it is elegant, but my only issue is that I always have to war it with a foot sock, since it is a closed shoes we couldn’t deny that our foot may have a chance of sweating and I don’t want my sweat to stuck in the shoes.

Lastly, I found these ankle strap flats that are so cute! The details caught my attention! I found the perfect pair, like Cinderella’s perfect shoes, I daydreamed! It is very easy to wear, plus the strap gives an elegance and sophisticated look, I can pair them with jeans, skirt, shorts or 3/4s. It doesn’t pick places to wear, I can wear it while commuting, going to school, going to work or running around places. Though it doesn’t protect your foot much from the dirt during your walk.

Well, there is really no perfect pair of shoes for us; we need to have one of each kind of the shoes that fits well depending on the occasion or place that we will go. Going to the mall is a must in finding new styles of shoes but sometimes the traffic, the over crowd gets n my nerves plus I sometimes want to have all my time choosing what styles and fit I want, it’s also tiring going from one store to another store to look for the right pair. That’s why I love Resultly! I can just sit in front of the computer, with all the time to search and myself what style I want and they’ll search it for me. Then I just pick some of my favorites, like these.

ankle strap flatsankle strap flats

Butt out cigarette pants

Why do I hate cigarette pants? The name and the name alone. I am personally not a smoker although a large majority of my family and friends smoke. When we have family parties my garage smells for a week by the time all those smokers have light up their chimney. After all the anti smoking ads I have become a firm believer that we should follow CVS’s footsteps and eliminate the opportunities to smoke and increase your possibilities of quitting. So, why would we name a cute pair of pants around them? BTW, this cute pair I found on Resultly)

cigarette pants

I honestly don’t know who, what, or where this term for this article of clothing came from, but I will say I’m slightly disappointed in it. For all the risk we know know is associated with smoking cigarettes, why are we trying to create a fashion evolution off of it. Any progress we, as a society, have made to say no, they’re not cool and yes, they will kill you. Teen smoking is nearing an all time low and now here we go again making fashion trends revolving around it. END RANT.

Mk, so aside from the name of the product, I LOVE THE PRODUCT. These pants are so chic. I wear them all the time and I can’t get enough of them. They’re business casual so they can be worn at the office with a cute button up then grab your fav pair of heels and and wear them out on the town. They are so versatile.

cigarette pants

Like these khaki colored from Forever 21.

She’s even rolled them up to wear with some booties, which I’m also in love with that look. Just be sure you’re wearing boots with a heel. Last week a pair of pants I ordered and had waited forever to get because they were on back order came in. I excitedly tried them on because they were cute and low and behold, they didn’t fit. They were long and baggy, but I thought I could pull of the baggy-ness if I rolled them up like so. I tried it, threw on my usual boots, and it looked horrible. Thank goodness I had time before running out the door to switch into some flats, but it was not a cute look. So, word to the wise, wear a pair of heeled booties if you’re going to attempt this look with a longer pair of pants.

So while I do love the look of cigarette pants, I just can’t stand the name. But these companies gotta do what they gotta do, and that shouldn’t stand in the way of good fashion.

Sexy Lace Skirt

lace skirt

Did you know that lace skirt is the most sexiest skirt of all? Well, if you did not know, now you will know.

Like most of the girls I am obsessed with dressing up and shopping. A half of my closet filled with dresses and skirts. I have another shoe closet of course but it is a different story. so, when it comes to skirts , I am super picky. I do not like when skirt is too short and when it is so long that nobody can see your pretty legs.

As I said, a lace skirt is very sexy and feminine at the same time. It can give you a classy and chic  look right the way. Who would not want that? It definitely needs some effort in putting the whole outfit together. You can not wear it with some casual top or even worse- flats or some boots.

First, one have t pick the lace skirt that will be perfect for your type of body and according to wear you are planning to wear it. If you want something for a night out with girls any black lace skirt will work ( does not matter if it is a short or a long one). However, if you want to wear to a special work event, you will need something longer.

Second of all, be careful from where you buy it. Some skirts are such a poor quality that it can look cheap. I bought mine for only fifty dollars from here, but you can try to find something good in stores in your city. Macy’s has good choices too.

And of course it is all about the perfect shoes. I am in love with my nude shoes I got last month. I wear heels only and nude heels is my very favorite ones , especially because my lace skirt is black. By wearing black dress or skirt with these color heels it will make your legs longer and will give one a very sexy look. everyone is tired already with black heels…

How to Shine in an Art Deco Dress

I’m not a huge fan of big prints on clothing, such as cheetah print pants or shirts, flower filled dresses etc. But, surprisingly I have come to like the art deco dresses. These are not simply some random print printed onto a fabric. Art deco dresses are very intricate patterns sewn onto material. Most of the time it includes some sort of texturized material, such as beads, or sequins. I love the simple, classic looks, but occasionally its nice to get all decked out in beads and sequins, and beautiful patterns.

When writing about my new liking for art deco dresses my mind flashed back to a moment in childhood. I was in 1st grade, sitting in a circle in the all white multi-purpose room. I was a very quiet or shy child, and naturally didn’t have too many friend as a six year old. But, that day another little girl asked to be my friend. In return I gently ripped off a sequin from my shirt and handed it to her. Whether this was  a token to confirm or friendship, or just sharing the wealth of my sequin filled shirt, I have remained best friends with the other little girl to this day.

Anyway, enough of my rant about my childhood. My point is, I miss wearing all those colorful, sequin and glitter filled outfits. So, I have come to be obsessed with hunting out more fun pieces of clothing. One of my favorites being the art deco dress. Take a look at this beautiful bead dress that I found at Saks:

art deco dress


 I love the intricate detail of this dress. Yes, it is a little pricy, but just take a look at the craftsmanship. First of all the pattern is art itself. And the hand sewn beading is absolutely gorgeous. Another good place to find similar dresses with such intricate details is Resultly.

Now that we’re getting ready for the Holidays, the art deco dress is perfect for spicing up your regular old dress. The art deco design is perfect for a sparkly New Years Dress, such as this one below:


art deco dress

This silver dress has all the sparkle needed for New Years, but with something a little different. Instead of the same old sparkly sequin dress, this one has such an interesting print to make it stand out. Here’s another perfect Holiday dress I found:


art deco dress

I love love love this color and pattern. The blue gives it a pop of color. Furthermore, the shape is a classic cut that comes off as elegant and perfect for that family Holiday gathering. The sequin details combined with the blue color take this classic dress and make it fun.

In conclusion, the art deco dress makes it easy for you to shine. One tip on how to wear the dress: make sure that it is form fitting to your body shape. The big patterns and details make it stand out, so you want to make sure that it brings out the best of your body shape.