Why do I hate cigarette pants? The name and the name alone. I am personally not a smoker although a large majority of my family and friends smoke. When we have family parties my garage smells for a week by the time all those smokers have light up their chimney. After all the anti smoking ads I have become a firm believer that we should follow CVS’s footsteps and eliminate the opportunities to smoke and increase your possibilities of quitting. So, why would we name a cute pair of pants around them? BTW, this cute pair I found on Resultly)

cigarette pants

I honestly don’t know who, what, or where this term for this article of clothing came from, but I will say I’m slightly disappointed in it. For all the risk we know know is associated with smoking cigarettes, why are we trying to create a fashion evolution off of it. Any progress we, as a society, have made to say no, they’re not cool and yes, they will kill you. Teen smoking is nearing an all time low and now here we go again making fashion trends revolving around it. END RANT.

Mk, so aside from the name of the product, I LOVE THE PRODUCT. These pants are so chic. I wear them all the time and I can’t get enough of them. They’re business casual so they can be worn at the office with a cute button up then grab your fav pair of heels and and wear them out on the town. They are so versatile.

cigarette pants

Like these khaki colored from Forever 21.

She’s even rolled them up to wear with some booties, which I’m also in love with that look. Just be sure you’re wearing boots with a heel. Last week a pair of pants I ordered and had waited forever to get because they were on back order came in. I excitedly tried them on because they were cute and low and behold, they didn’t fit. They were long and baggy, but I thought I could pull of the baggy-ness if I rolled them up like so. I tried it, threw on my usual boots, and it looked horrible. Thank goodness I had time before running out the door to switch into some flats, but it was not a cute look. So, word to the wise, wear a pair of heeled booties if you’re going to attempt this look with a longer pair of pants.

So while I do love the look of cigarette pants, I just can’t stand the name. But these companies gotta do what they gotta do, and that shouldn’t stand in the way of good fashion.