I’m not a huge fan of big prints on clothing, such as cheetah print pants or shirts, flower filled dresses etc. But, surprisingly I have come to like the art deco dresses. These are not simply some random print printed onto a fabric. Art deco dresses are very intricate patterns sewn onto material. Most of the time it includes some sort of texturized material, such as beads, or sequins. I love the simple, classic looks, but occasionally its nice to get all decked out in beads and sequins, and beautiful patterns.

When writing about my new liking for art deco dresses my mind flashed back to a moment in childhood. I was in 1st grade, sitting in a circle in the all white multi-purpose room. I was a very quiet or shy child, and naturally didn’t have too many friend as a six year old. But, that day another little girl asked to be my friend. In return I gently ripped off a sequin from my shirt and handed it to her. Whether this was  a token to confirm or friendship, or just sharing the wealth of my sequin filled shirt, I have remained best friends with the other little girl to this day.

Anyway, enough of my rant about my childhood. My point is, I miss wearing all those colorful, sequin and glitter filled outfits. So, I have come to be obsessed with hunting out more fun pieces of clothing. One of my favorites being the art deco dress. Take a look at this beautiful bead dress that I found at Saks:

art deco dress


 I love the intricate detail of this dress. Yes, it is a little pricy, but just take a look at the craftsmanship. First of all the pattern is art itself. And the hand sewn beading is absolutely gorgeous. Another good place to find similar dresses with such intricate details is Resultly.

Now that we’re getting ready for the Holidays, the art deco dress is perfect for spicing up your regular old dress. The art deco design is perfect for a sparkly New Years Dress, such as this one below: https://www.singer22.com/saylor/naomi-sequin-dress.html?sku=naomi-dress


art deco dress

This silver dress has all the sparkle needed for New Years, but with something a little different. Instead of the same old sparkly sequin dress, this one has such an interesting print to make it stand out. Here’s another perfect Holiday dress I found:


art deco dress

I love love love this color and pattern. The blue gives it a pop of color. Furthermore, the shape is a classic cut that comes off as elegant and perfect for that family Holiday gathering. The sequin details combined with the blue color take this classic dress and make it fun.

In conclusion, the art deco dress makes it easy for you to shine. One tip on how to wear the dress: make sure that it is form fitting to your body shape. The big patterns and details make it stand out, so you want to make sure that it brings out the best of your body shape.