Walking has been part of our daily life, from our house, offices, malls, parks, restaurants, schools and many places. With this, of course we need comfortable shoes to walk in it thru out the day. There will always be many shoes to choose from and we can always grab any shoes. But we are looking for a pair that is comfortable to wear and durable and for some women like me I wanted to have a shoe that is comfortable, durable and stylish.

One Sunday, when my mom and I were strolling the mall we saw many shoe store having their sale, so why not buy myself a new pair, it has been a while. I actually had my eyes first on the black high-heeled shoe, it looked so sexy and sophisticated I wanted to wear them in the office, wearing it would definitely make me feel sexy and feel like I own the office floor. But of course I cannot wear them commuting and walking on my way to the office, it spells suicide!

There were also cute slip in sandals or tongs sandals, the ones that are like slippers that you just slip in your foot and you are ready to go, they are very comfortable to wear and very easy I can wear them on the beach or a lazy weekend coffee. But sometimes these kinds of sandals are sometimes not allowed on formal places.


I also spotted a ballet flat that looks like this from H&M, and I imagined that they would be perfect for me commuting, my foot will be protected, it’s comfortable to wear and it is elegant, but my only issue is that I always have to war it with a foot sock, since it is a closed shoes we couldn’t deny that our foot may have a chance of sweating and I don’t want my sweat to stuck in the shoes.

Lastly, I found these ankle strap flats that are so cute! The details caught my attention! I found the perfect pair, like Cinderella’s perfect shoes, I daydreamed! It is very easy to wear, plus the strap gives an elegance and sophisticated look, I can pair them with jeans, skirt, shorts or 3/4s. It doesn’t pick places to wear, I can wear it while commuting, going to school, going to work or running around places. Though it doesn’t protect your foot much from the dirt during your walk.

Well, there is really no perfect pair of shoes for us; we need to have one of each kind of the shoes that fits well depending on the occasion or place that we will go. Going to the mall is a must in finding new styles of shoes but sometimes the traffic, the over crowd gets n my nerves plus I sometimes want to have all my time choosing what styles and fit I want, it’s also tiring going from one store to another store to look for the right pair. That’s why I love Resultly! I can just sit in front of the computer, with all the time to search and myself what style I want and they’ll search it for me. Then I just pick some of my favorites, like these.

ankle strap flatsankle strap flats