lace skirt

Did you know that lace skirt is the most sexiest skirt of all? Well, if you did not know, now you will know.

Like most of the girls I am obsessed with dressing up and shopping. A half of my closet filled with dresses and skirts. I have another shoe closet of course but it is a different story. so, when it comes to skirts , I am super picky. I do not like when skirt is too short and when it is so long that nobody can see your pretty legs.

As I said, a lace skirt is very sexy and feminine at the same time. It can give you a classy and chic  look right the way. Who would not want that? It definitely needs some effort in putting the whole outfit together. You can not wear it with some casual top or even worse- flats or some boots.

First, one have t pick the lace skirt that will be perfect for your type of body and according to wear you are planning to wear it. If you want something for a night out with girls any black lace skirt will work ( does not matter if it is a short or a long one). However, if you want to wear to a special work event, you will need something longer.

Second of all, be careful from where you buy it. Some skirts are such a poor quality that it can look cheap. I bought mine for only fifty dollars from here, but you can try to find something good in stores in your city. Macy’s has good choices too.

And of course it is all about the perfect shoes. I am in love with my nude shoes I got last month. I wear heels only and nude heels is my very favorite ones , especially because my lace skirt is black. By wearing black dress or skirt with these color heels it will make your legs longer and will give one a very sexy look. everyone is tired already with black heels…