As you know, designers like to revive fashion trends. What they do, they will tweak the old design and launch it as a new version of the old design.

One example would be the ruffle dress. I am not a fan or this dress. I have a horrible picture in my head of what one would look like when one wears a ruffle dress. It initially complements you at the top showing of your curves but suddenly, your whole lower torso is lost in this heap of sheer puff of clothing that makes you look like you were dumped as a centerpiece in a cake. I found this article at the Fashion Police website of a woman wearing a ruffle dress. Que Horror!

So imagine my amazement when I see a new and improved design of the ruffle dress. First stop is the Fall 2009 Dolce and Gabbanna ruffle dress.

ruffle dress

The fabric is made of lace so the dress does not look big like what I am afraid of. It also has a nice accent belt on the waist to still show off your curves like the original design pattern. It seems having ruffles on to the entire dress seem to work better.

What I also noticed is that the ruffle design does not just stay waist down but is actually moving around the dress. Look at this Karen Millen one shoulder ruffle dress.

ruffle dress

The ruffle design of the dress started on its shoulder and cascaded down up to the end of the dress. It has that mischievous style depending on how the person will use it to her advantage. A side French braid, as a hairstyle will do for this dress to release the playful vibe for long hair and if you have short hair, you can either add a clip to the side or leave your hair as it is. What is important is that the ruffled one-shoulder is seen for spectators to see the fluidity of the dress.

The Resultly fashion and shopping website has a wide array of ruffle dresses to choose from. Another fashion tip, since the dress moves with your body, accessorizing it with an envelope bag or a jeweled clutch will be enough. Dainty or stud earrings can be used but not the dangling ones most especially if your dress is all ruffled up. It will distract people on where to actually look – your earrings or your dress because both of them do the ‘swish’ effect.